Monday, 24 January 2011


Monday, 24 January, 2011-LUSAKA
One of the interesting stories that came from the weekend include an anonymous picture of Works and Supply Deputy Minister Lameck Mangani who was captured having a drink with former Lands Minister Judith kapijimpanga. The picture was published in the Sunday Mail and Sunday Times of Zambia newspapers. One of the captions was interesting though, saying "the agenda of the meeting was not known".
Mrs Kapijimpanga is also former chairperson for lands in the ruling MMD. She defected to the opposition Patriotic Front recently alleging corruption in the MMD.
Mr Mangani and Mrs Kapijimpanga were captured at Mika Hotel in Kabulonga where the two had a meeting for over three hours. Mr Mangani earlier told the ZNBC that Mrs Kapijimpanga was her sister and that was a family meeting.
However the MMD provincial chairperson for Eastern, Western and Lusaka have condemned Mr Mangani saying the meeting had no blessing of the Head of State.
They say it was not in order for Mr Mangani to meet a member of the opposition. Mr Mangani has also been accused of meeting PF members during the MMD eastern province conference recently.
I though it would be great to share some of the news and images from the weekend.

Monday, 17 January 2011

GBM's mobile phone

I was at a Patriotic Front rally in Matero townshoship at the weekend. One of the prominent speakers was Lusaka businessman and Kasama central Member of Parliament Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba or just GBM. Mr Mwamba is a busy man. He kept receiving phone calls on his mobile gadget during the meeting. I was curious. I hoped as a billionare, which he claims, he would have one of the latest techonology on the market like say, an iPhone, iPad even a blackberry or such trends. And you cannot blame me for having such thoughts. It is what would come to anyone's mind immediately you experience such a situation.
The gadget he was using was a simple Nokia handheld with rubber strings to fasten the facility.
Broken and I thought some missing pieces were lost during one of his confrontations with either the wife or the latest imbroglio with hi brother's wife.
I also thought he was a humble man who does not want to "show-off" like some of the Lusaka boys do.
lets also not rule out the possibility of being technologically challenged because it is unbelievable that some of the biggest wig-wigs in the city are just struggling with the use of modern techonlogy such as computers and cell phones, apart from driving aitomatic cars.