Wednesday, 27 October 2010


LAST weekend, I took time off to experience the Lucky Dube memorial concert at Munda Wanga Botanical Gardens.
The show was a complete flop. And the music they played was not good for a rast man, to borrow words from the same man whose life they were celebrating. The band on stage was boring because all they tried to do was sing some Lucky Dube songs although they did not get anywhere near the standards. I remember that reggae revellers refused to turn up for the concert for various reasons we can only speculate. Chris Aka, the chief organiser was reported to be out of town. How can a gig succeed when the main man is A.W.O.L?
There was a lot of smoke and I know Lucky Dube never smoked or imbibed anything above zero percent. I asked the band to play on because that was all they could offer. However, enough was enough and I had to go back to my roots.
But my views are that the organisers must start planning for next year's show early and use the poor results from this year to get rid of matters that flopped the show.
But over and above, there was good photography that I did and it is my pleasure to share with you dears followers.










Reggae memorabilia on display at the Lucky Dube memorial concert in Lusaka


Late Lucky Dube fans skunking to his music during the Lucky Dube memorial concert


Lucky Dube wanna be, Jackie and his band on stage


A band viewed from the backstage playing during the Lucky Dube memorial concert


Jackie Dube, a late Lucky Dube wanna be mining and imitating the fallen South African reggae hero Lucky Dube at Muna Wanga Botanical Gardens.


This man is called Jackie 'Dube". Here, he is mining and imitating the fallen South African reggae hero Lucky Dube at Muna Wanga Botanical Gardens.


So, the Chilanga and Mpulungu parliamentary elections have gone behind us now.
I followed with glee, the events, activities and statements that preceded the polls.
Today, United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema (HH) has asked Zambians to use the results of the Chilanga and Mpulungu by-elections to judge who is more popular between the Patrotic Front (PF) and his UPND in their political pact.
The UPND won the Chilanga seat while the PF tumbled successfully and with flying colours after making so much noise and sending earth moving tremors from in Mpulungu.
I consider the statement from HH to be a throbbing insinuation targeted at his PF counterpart who has been making running commentaries that his party is more popular than the southern province concentrated UPND.
Mr HH must have aching ribs now because of the laughter. He is having the last laugh because his pact partner had really anticipated the opposite of the current results.
The PF tormented the UPND during the Chilanga campaigns because some members of the PF were actually going round the constituency, urging voters not to vote for their pact partners. I think this is a shame. It shows the lack of morals and how loose the pact is especially with its destiny, a total failure.
The PF was conspicously missing in Chilanga, but I thought they UPND was contesting under the pact and the two parties needed to amalgamate their efforts on equal basis to achieve a common goal.
The reality has come to haunt the PF now because they are actually the ones stomaching the bitter pill of losing an election they initially (mis)took for a walk over.
The wish of the PF was for the UPND to lose the Chilanga seat so that they could make noise this day that they are popular in the pact and this would have been the reason why the PF could have fielded a candidate for the seat.
I hear the PF is on course to petition their loss in Mpulungu to the MMD. I would advise the party to proceed and not waste time over such a simple matter. I think the idea to is a squeaky whin, especially of sour grapes and bitterness. The best is to adopt levelheadedness, evaluate how the loss was achieved and tackle to mistakes next time. Pride, self praise and denial would not work in such an environment. politics of popularity, mudslinging, defamation, truth (especially the lack of it) and patronage is not going to sustain the so called pact. Mr Sata is claiming that the MMD stole their votes in Mpulungu is not anything new. He has made this boring statement each time is loses an election. In any, case, he fails to justify his claims when given a competent fora to provide his proof.
If the Chilanga and Mpulungu by-elections were a litmus test to determine the popularity of either the PF or UPND in the loose alliance, then the writing is on the wall. And this is that UPND is popular in Chilanga while is the PF is unpopular in Mpulungu. Zambia is a vast to restrict it to the two constituencies, but if HH wants to comfort himself, then he can proceed at own peril.
But over and above, I hope Captain Cosmas Moono who got the Chilanga seat comes with new ideas to the House in this second platter. Forget about the rhetoric during the campaigns. We want to see how the people of Chilanga would want to feel that they have a representative in Parliament. Mr Moono, do not rush to feel those loan applications yet before you can deliver on your promises.
This is the same message I am delivering for Given Mungomba of Mpulungu.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010


Journalists from the public media (including myself) have successfully sent a petition to the Speaker of the National Amussa Mwanamwambwa against Munali Member of Parliament Mumbi Phiri.
Chipangali Member of Parliament Vincent Mwale had the pleasure to receive our petition to forward to the Speaker as per parliamentary etiquette and procedure. We are now waiting for parliamentary course of action to take course before the public can know the outcome of our cry.
Ignore the bad press and negative comments some people uttered and still want to utter. They have selfish motives and objectives. It is only a matter of time and the truth shall be known. We know most of these people are like pawns. They do not have minds of their. They fight other people’s battles just because of a small wage or some pat on the back. Others are chasing for favours. But this is where some people have taken the Zambian media, a platform where they can achieve selfish egos.
We carried placards and chanted slogans as we marched from Arcades Shopping Centre to the Parliament through the great east road where our colleagues from the police service received us with courtesy, contrary to previous years when this procession should have ended in severe beatings and such agony as spending hours or a night in custody.
And it is my chance to congratulate the police for the reasonable conduct as well the earlier permit to conduct this public meeting.
Some critical stakeholders and individuals were conspicuously missing from this noble cause.
This did not deter me and other media practitioners who genuinely advocate for true media freedom, dignity and respect for the fourth estate and the fight against intimidation from proceeding with the arranged programme even when these colleagues indicated aptly they only need us when it suits them the most. When it is our greatest hour of need, our so called ‘friends’ are no where to be found. The world is truly going round and we shall see what posterity has in stock for everybody.
In any case, I was not particularly shocked that some stakeholders were missing because the writing was on the wall.
Earlier, some ‘vuvuzela’ were trying to mislead the nation that we had cancelled the protest because Mumbi Phiri had apologised. What a shame!
The procession to parliament was genuine and peaceful. There was no violence or such acts. The police must be smiling now because this will go down in the annals of history as one of the most peaceful and best examples of how to demonstrate or protest in a democratic setup like ours.


Public media journalists marching to Parliament in Lusaka.


The police tame some journalists before the petition was presented to Parliament

Sunday, 10 October 2010


ALLOW me to join the clarion call for Munali Member of Parliament (MP)Mumbi Phiri to apologise to the media fraternity in Zambia for calling journalists who work in the public media as 'dogs' beloging to Information and Broadcasting Minister Ronnie Shikapwasha.
Firstly, I want to declare my interest that I work for the public media in Lusaka. I am speaking as a journalist not only of Zambia but the world over because the work that I do is represented in different parts of the world. I would still have written this piece if it was my good colleagues in the private media who were slurred.
I am also not projecting myself as a 'vuvuzela' for Zambian journalists and my colleagues in the local fraternity. I am presenting my personal views on this matter and I am passionate about that because I love my profession.
I am not necessarily calling for an out-right apology from Mumbi, but I simply want to bring her to a sense of levelheadedness when she talks about some of these things such as politics because posterity is a danger in this regard. She must not get exited in front of the cameras and microphones because those are just electronic tools that can be switched on and off at any time.
I know Mr Shikapwasha tames dogs at home, but I am yet to learn from Mumbi how those beasts are able to churn stories for the Minister.
I am aware that some myopic and shallow headed readers of this blog will come with their semantics that I am biased, but it simply shows that some people have thrown themselves to the wind. But whatever comments this attracts, I do not care because my heart is at peace and my head enjoys a clear concious against any alleged biases.
I have know the MP for Munali as an out-spoken woman. She has said many good and bad things just in this short period she has been in parliament for the first time. In fact, I suspect that she has said so many things, surpussing the record of her opposition political party leader, who has been in politics for decades now.
Mumbi has been reprimanded in the House before and I have in mind a physical confontation she provocked against her counterpart for Kawambwa Elizabeth Chitika-Mulobeka recently.
It has therefore, not come as a shocker that Mumbi has extended her blind attacks and frustrations to the public media journalists.
This latest 'puff' is a pure exibit that the Munali MP has a very shallow understanding of matters. As an MP, Mrs Mumbi has to learn to have courtesy. She must learn about the fourth arm of government, the media and how it operates. I take great exception at her utterances against us. She must take her frustrations elsewhere because we do not direct society how to react to certain things. We simply inform, educate and entertain. It is up to society to make their choices and decisions. And the media has informed the people of Munali about her band language on the journalist and these voters will now make their decicisions and choices based on that information.
Hooliganism has no room among us. Mumbi must not play to the gallery. Mumbi must learn how to bring her brain before her mouth and not vice versa. She must show restraint and order in her selection loud of words because society will judge her by her utterances, which have been so boring lately. Even the voters in Munali constituency must now be making certain perceptions on their leader.
As a person who aspires form government in 2011 and to be a Minister for instance in that government, it is increducluos to entertain the language that was attributed to her on the journalists.
Mumbi must realise that the public media played a critical role in her quest to be where she is at Manda Hill. I persoanally recall, covering her small meetings in Munali in 2006. I was even at the ballot colatig centre during the day and night on the day of voting. Therefore, to insult the fourth estate in that manner explains what kind of leaders society hould recommend to the pit-latrin.
It is imoral and hypocrisy of the worst order to equate professional journalists to dogs in the open like that.
If Mumbi had complaints about the public media practitioners or particular individuals and if she is a woman who undertstands and respects how institutions operate, she could have persued the right channels to air her grievances. I think it is orderly, more polite and professional to do that. It also mirrors what kind of character you are.
Mumbi must realise that all the rantings she has pre-occupied herself with are all aimed at pushing for her party to form the next government. I was wondering whether the public media journalists would still remain 'dogs' if under mysterious means her hallucination becomes reality? Is Mumbi going to keep the 'dogs' if she is appointed Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services, for instance. God forbid!
From the reactions in the media, I am standing on firm ground with a clear mind that the people of Munali and Zambia as a whole can see clearly who the 'dog' is now.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010


The reception during the commemoration of the Africa Freedom Day was spectacular in Lusaka. It was characterised by dance from different parts of Zambia. There was also two dance troupes from Egypt and these are the El Arish and Team and Nubia Drums.
Zambian dancers included Brian Chilala, song bird Angela Nyirenda and others. The MMD Lusaka district choir blended very well with the Salvation choir. The event was beamed live on the national broadcaster ZNBC with Doreen Mukanzo and Francis being in charge of directing the programme.
President Rupiah Banda graced the occassion with First Lady Thandiwe who was emaculately dressed in an Africa dress while Mr Banda came in a black suit. Second republican president Frederick Chiluba was also present together with other opposition political party leaders such as Humphrey Siulapwa and Cozmo Mumba from the New Generation Party and New Revolution party respectively.
There was enough to eat and drink. I was happy because this drinks did not include alcoholic beverages, which has been a source of trouble among some guests in the past.
Some guests complained against the absence of Mosi, Castle and others, but the order that characterised the ceremony must be repeated next year.


President Banda cuts the Africa Freedom Day cake.


Dunamis Church head preacher and owner Dr Dan Pule trailed by his wife.






A member of the Egyptian Numbian Drums displays a peakcock-like dance



Some reporters pose for a photograph with Second republican president Frederick Chiluba.


Zambia Army brass band members 'invade' a plate of fruits.


A man from the Zambia National Service helps himself with a plate of fruits.


A ma looking for left over drinks from the dump site.


Some people helping themselves with left over drinks and mineral water after the celebrations.


A man walks away with drinks and mineral water after guests failed to eat all the food prepared for the Africa Freedom Day commemoration.


A man walks away after getting his share of food.



One of Brian Chilala's dancing queens showcase her skills.


Lusaka musician Brian Chilala singing during the commemoration.

Buffet marquee

Monday, 24 May 2010


MAZABUKA Member of Parliament Garry Nkombo looks forward to the success of the UPND-PF pact. He also seem to be wooried about whether it would work or crack before next year's general elections.
Here Mr Nkombo is following a speech by his UPND president Hakainde Hichilema at the Lusaka international airport. This was when Mr Hiclema arrived from the USA where he had gone for a leadership programme.
Mr Hichilema has projected himself as the best person to lead Zambia because he is young and not old and rusty like his pact mate Michael Sata. He said the world is aware that he was a young person with energy and brains, just like David Cameron and Nick Clegg.
Mr Hichilema's speech implies that the pact has not yet agreed who their presidential candidate would be in next year's elections. It looks like there is a power struggle especially on who should lead the alliance. If they two parties have strategised, why are they still keeping the information to their chests? My view is that the sooner the two parties announce the presidential candidate the better. But from the look of things, it seems more work has to be done before a real pact is born.
The UPND and PF have postponed the launch of the pact, which was slated for April 2010. UPND spokesperson Charles Kakoma said the postment was because of the recent by-elections in Kasama, Chitambo, Mufumbwe and Milanzi.
Critics in Zambia and members of the ruling MMD have projected a collapse of the UPND-PF alliance because both leaders seem not to be ready to deputise the other in the elections. In any case, the Mr Hichilema and Mr Sata have been campaigning seperately in different parts of Zambia.

Saturday, 15 May 2010


Second republican president Fredrick is in Luapula province attending a meeting on development relating to the province. The meeting was organised by Copperbelt minister Mwansa Mbulakulima and Patrotic Front Kawambwa Member of Parliament Elizabeth Chitika-Mulobeka.
Some opposition players have said Dr Chiluba is going to kick-start the campaigns for the ruling MMD, but Dr Chiluba and the organisers have denied the allegations.
Some youths from the opposition Patrotic front have been ferried to Mansa, the venue for the meeting to cause confusion. Alert police officers in riot gear have been keeping vigil in mansa, though.
Dr Chiluba arrived in Mansa by road around 21:00 hours with his wife Regina and former Patrotic Front secretary generals Edward Mumbi, Charles Chimubwa and Edwin Lifwekelo.
He was also with Defence minister Kalombo Mwansa and other party officials.
Dr Chiluba was welcomed by scores of Mansa residents who thronged Mansa hotel to shake hands with the former head of State. He was immediately ushered to his resting rooms.


Tuesday, 19 January 2010


I have decided to bow to pressure from my followers and fans to come back on this platform.
I had vowed to only come back to blogging after completing my online profile, but my plans have been curtailed by follwers who want me to continue with this blog as I focus on the other project.
This is an intro that I am back.
2010 is an interesting year for me because we have the World Cup coming up in South Africa in June. But here in Zambia, it is a year when we expect to see the heightening of politics gymnastics because of presidential and parliamentary elections in 2011. We expect a lot of activities in these two events and there will be lots of pictures herein. The year 2009 was a very interesting and challenging year n all areas of human endeavor and these are too numerous to mention. The best celebration that I have is that we are all sound and alive.
These are some of the major evens and ctivities that we shall follow with glee on this blog. I expect to share some of the moments in pictures as I have always done.
All I ask from my follwers is to maintain levelheadedness as we discuss our topics. I am aware that we all come from different bckgrounds and all manners of affiliations and beliefs. Lets us respect each other's opinions as we comment on the debates since we are here to contribute to efforts on developing Zambia and the world at large.
Please take time to vote in the polls that would be contained herein and remember to sign in as a follwer so that we can grow in numbers and make this place a real platform for dialogue.
Best regards