Sunday, 29 June 2008


A fuel vendor at Engen filling station in Lusaka posting tags for new fuel prices that the Energy Regulation Board (ERB) has announced.
President Mwanawasa has said Zambians should expected price hikes for commodities because Zambia has no control over the worldwide increases.
The government has cut some taxes on fuel importation to cushion the fuel price hikes.


Tuesday, 24 June 2008


Dunamis Christian Centre and Trinity Broadcasting Corporation (TBN) Zambia chapter founder Rev Dan pule has dominated the local press once again.
This time around again, it is for some wrong reason, a marital problems! Well, someone had called it a sex related problem.
Dr Pule has been summoned to a police station in Lusaka to answer to charges related to bigamy.
He is alleged to have married a second wife before divorcing the previous woman, 27 year old Leah Mulemba.
Dr Pule 52, did not show up at Lusaka central police station on Monday but decided to talk to journalists at the TBN offices where he talked about his troubled marital life of late.
Dr Pule was initially married to an American Janet for 23 years before the couple divorced in 2007.
Dr Pule once said that his children with the American woman could never take up leadership positions such as the presidency in Zambia because of the foreign blood. Therefore, he was desirous to have children with an indigenous Zambian woman.
Well, shortly after, Dr Pule shocked the nation when he appeared in the local media during a colourful wedding ceremony with 26 year old leah.
He was suspended from the church but that marriage was reliquished shortly after. We are told Leah has a four month old baby and Dr Pule is said to be the father, although he has demanded for a DNA test.
Last weekend, Dr Pule held a private wedding where pictures were not allowed but he was shocked to find himself on the front page of a local tabloid. He was clad in a white suit marrying again! This caused him problems with the lawkeepers.
He was marrying 43 year old widow Tamara Mwape.
It seems Dr Pule and Tamara have been seeing each other for some time now because the preacher man was praying for Tamara's husband before his demise in hospital.
What has perplexed many people is that Dr Pule would impatiently ask Tamara if her husband has past on yet each time the couple communicated.
During the press conference, Dr Pule said this was his last marriage.

Rev Dr Dan Pule

Rev Dr Dan Pule stressing point during a press conference at the Trinity Broadcasting Corporation (TBN) offices in Lusaka.

Monday, 23 June 2008


President Mwanawasa is worried about neighbouring Zimbabwe where the opposition MDC has pulled out of the June 27 polls. Mr Mwanawasa listens to journalists during a press conference at State House.

Dr Mwanawasa said Zimbabwe is a gross embarassment to the SADC region and Africa at large. Dr Mwanawasa in the past also described Zimbabwe as a sinking titanic. Kenya's Prime Minister Raila Odinga last week said Zimbabwe was an eyesore on the African continent.
During the presse conference at State House, Dr Mwanawasa indicated that the SADC was divided on Zimbabwe. He also expressed idssapointment at Zimbabwe mediator and South African President Tabo Mbeki's failure to avail him with information about his assignment on Zimbabwe.
"I have been relying on intelligence information and media reports," Dr Mwanawasa said.
Dr Mwanawasa called for the postponement of the election re-run because the environment fell short of minimum standards to hold such crucial polls.

Mwanawasa on Zimbabwe

President Mwanawasa listening to questions from journalists during the press conference on Zimbabwe at State House on Sunday afternon.


Osbourne Machimane lays on the base after he was sent to the canvas by Chingangu.

ZAMBIA’S JOSEPH ‘No Pressure’ Chingangu, the 43-year-old stopped South Africa’s Osborne Machimane in the seventh round to retain the Africa Boxing Union (ABU) heavyweight title in Lusaka at the weekend.
Chingangu took Machimane on the canvas four times. Three times on the trot in the fifth, sixth and the seventh round before Tanzanian referee, Charles Chagu stopped the fight.
Chingangu overpowered Machimane, who received forceful jabs all over his face in the first round but managed to beat the count and continued where he had left receiving more punches from the champion.
In the second round, both fighters exhibited an equal amount of strengthbut Chingangu almost committed a foul after he hit his opponent when the bell rang.
Chingangu sent Machimane back to the canvas in a short time in round five and six and the South African barely beat the count on those occasions.
By the time they returned for the seventh round, it was clear that was going to chuck out.
“The ref was going to get you killed for not stopping the fight earlier,” Chingangu told his opponent as sports deputy minister was assisting him to adorn his ABU belt while jubilant fans broke into song.
Machimane accused the referee of bias saying “This is the worst kind of refereeing I have ever seen. I want a rematch from South Africa” Machimane said.

Chingangu and Osborne

Police officers warn a member of Machimane's side who was caught off-side.

Down but not out yet

Osborne Machimane leans against the ropes after he was hammered by Chingangu.

Osborne Machimane down

Osborne Machimane before the bout.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008


A group of albinos in Zambia have formed an association that would help them address issues affecting them.
The headquarters for the foundation are situated in the suburbs of Chilenje Township of Lusaka.
It is believed that albino and new kid on the musical block John Chiti is a mastermind of this development.
In Zambia, albinos experience harsh stigma. Some people say albinos dont die, they just disappear when the get older.
Some people refuse to mingle or interact with albinos becaue they say albinos are not human beings.
A particular instance is John Chiti himself, whose father disowned him at a very tender age.
John Chiti's father alleged that John was a curse to the family, hence the banishment from the family.
In Tanzania, albinos used to have whether factors such as the rays of the sun as their sole enemy. But now, the have new enemies-human beings.
The albinos are killed in Tanzania for ritual purposes.

Albino Foundation

Albino foundation headquarters.

Sunday, 8 June 2008


The state of water and sanitation in Townships of Lusaka has remained poor. Last week, I visited Chipata, Chaisa, Kanyama and John Laing settlements.
Most households have no toilets while most of the toilet infrastructure available in a deplorable state.
In fact, most of the toilets are not permenent structures. They are makeshift arrangements, wrapped in an assortment of skins such as empty mealie-meal bags, cement bags, old corragated roofing sheets and such materials.
The pits under the toilets are also very shallow and are contaminating the water in the wells, since there is inadequate supply of piped water.
There is need for the authorities, communities and all stakeholders to galvanise efforts aimed at improving the water and sanitation state in the Townnhips.
Most of the Townships in Zambia are hit by water borne diseases such as cholera and dysentry especially during the rainy season. This is largely because there is no safe water and sanitation.
The time is now to plan ahead and avert all the disease outbreaks that affect the Townships before and during the on-set of the rains.
There is need to erect more toilets, dig drainage systems and build better housing structures. There is also need to pump a sense of responsibility in the the residents there that they must care and maintain the infrastructure because it belongs to nobody else other than themselves.
It is barely six months after most most of the Townships were submerged in floods during the previous rainy season. The effects are known. If what I have discussed was taken into consideration, then we would have been talking differently.
The time to act was yesterday. Today, we have to make and because it is too late. But, it is better late than never!

Public showers

A public toilet in Chipata Township. This infrastrcture has helped improve water and sanitation in the settlement. Many people are able to access the facility after working at the market for showers before proceeding home. They people can also use the toilet facility at a small fee.

Sweet potatoes

AN old woman selling sweet potatoes in Chipata Township at an open air market.



CHildren scavenging at a maiden bin in Chipata Township. The shildren are a high risk of contracting diseases from the waste.
Solid waste management in Chipata Township is a nightmare. The authorities responsible for its management have not done a good job. Residents have been dumping solid waste around the maiden bins placed at strategic points.

Solid waste management?

These two women belong to a ward development committee (WDC) in Chaisa Township. The WDC collects solid waste from the homes at a fee. This has contributed to the improvement of sanitation in the Township. However, the WDC faces many challenges such as the failure by some households to pay the levies.
Issues of accountability among the WDC members responsible for collecting and keeping the money is another obstacle that they face.


A sarp contrast of toilets or pitlatrine. A better structure on this end and a totally opposite situation on the far end.

Monday, 2 June 2008


Former Lusaka Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo celebrated his first mass in Zambia from the time he was excommunicated by the Vatican two years ago at the weekend.
This was under his Married Priests Now movement.
The former prelate also held healing sessions during his visit to Zambia, which is expected to last five days.
The mass ceremony was an interdenominational service attended by married priests, priests from the Anglican Church, the Unification church and others.
Milingo spoke with vigor.
He was draped in typical catholic vestments and performed all the catholic rituals during mass.
His wife Maria Sung was in the audience and joined in the singing of local hymns.
Archbishop Milingo said he was enjoying marriage with Maria Sung.
The Vatican was shocked in 2001 when Milingo disappeared and pitched in New York during a mass wedding when he was marrying a 43-year-old Korean acupuncturist Maria Sung, chosen for him by the South Korean-born evangelist Sun Myung Moon.
Archbishop Milingo said priests who have been excommunicated from the Catholic Church should come out in the open and continue serving God.
“When a priest is ordained, he can never be made to lose his position just like when someone is baptised,” Archbishop Milingo said.
“The Catholic Church has been preaching is a lie. We cannot accept this anymore. We are not a sect as we are being referred to. The Catholics are abusing their authority. They cannot stop us by threatening us with excommunication,” he added.
Milingo emphasised that all priests who were excommunicated and attended his mass service were forgiven at that same moment.
Milingo said celibacy was not part of the church but simply an addition authored by some people who wanted to show prestige to priesthood.
Milingo can never be excommunicated. The Catholics cannot even face me because they have no evidence. I spoke to Jesus and the Lord told me that ni va chabe (It’s nonsense),” he said.
During the mass ceremony, Archbishop Milingo also blamed the wars and other invectives in the world to religious intolerance. This he said, was the reason why the Catholic Church should reconcile with the married priests.
Milingo said wars would not stop on earth once religions remained divided.
Milingo's mass ceremony was held at Masiye Inn motel in Lusaka.

End of mass

Archbishop Milingo and other married priests concluding mass.

Milingo relaxes

Archbishop Milingo during the mass celebration. He was ex-communicated fromt he catholic church for breaking his vow of celibacy by marrying Maria Sung.

Maria Sung in the audience

Maria Sung, the Korean acupunctarist largely blamed for Milingo's fall from celibacy. Here, she is following proceedings during Milingo's mass celebration under the Married Priests Now movement in Lusaka. Maria Sung married the former Lusaka Archbishop at the mass wedding in New york four years ago.


One of the converts into the Married Priests Now movement following proceedings during Archbishop Milingo's mass celebration in Lusaka at the weekend. She is wearing the uniform from the Actio group.

United Church of Zambia choir

The United Church choir delivering a hymn during the inter-denominational mass ceremony celebrated by Archbishop Milingo.

Milingo prays for eucharist

Archbishop Milingo prays over bread during the eucharist ritual.

Milingo celebrates mass

Archibishop Milingo celebrating mass. He prays over water and wine during eucharist ritual.

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Married priests at the Altar

Archbishop Milingo and other married priests at the altar celebrating mass.

Father Mbewe eucharist

Father Mbewe prays over the bread during the eucharist ritual. Father Mbewe is the leader of the married priests group in Zambia. His splinter group has links with the Unification church. There is currently is case in Court here, in which the Catholic Church has sued Father Mbewe against the use of the name 'The Catholic Apostolic National Church of Zambia.' Just like Milingo, Father Mbewe has remained adamant that priests should be allowed to marry and bear children.

Milingo, wine and water

Archbishop Milingo prays over wine.

The eucharist

Archbishop Milingo and Father Mbewe during the Eucharist ritual.

The eucharist

Father Mbewe prays over the eucharist.

Milingo preaches

Archbishop Milingo delivering a sermon with the picture of the virgin Mary mother of Jesus displayed on the left side.

Father Mbewe drinks wine

Father Mbewe finishes the last drops of altar wine after serving the eucharist to the congregants.

A poster

many posters were pasted on the walls during Archbishop Milingo's mass ceremony. One of them is this one, outlining the vision and mission of Maried Priests Now.


A poster pasted on the walls during Milingo's mass.


One of the posters displayed during Achbishop Milingo's first mass.

Maria Sung receives Eucharist

Maria Sung receiving the eucharist from one of the married priests.


Father helps Abrchbishop Milingo put on his head dress.

Maria Sung Milingo

Maria Sung Milingo in church during Archbishop Milingo's sermon.


Milingo pondering his next move.

Milingo and Maria Sung

Mrs Milingo helping her husband remove vestments after mass.

Milingo, Maria and Luciano

Archbishop Milingo his wife Maria Sung and Father Luciano Mbewe (right) after celebrating mass.


I went to watch a rugby tournament at the weekend, which was organised by the University of Zambia (UNZA) Rugby Association.
This was an event in which some secondary schools, colleges and Universities participated. It was held at the Lusaka Rugby Club in showgrounds.
Institutions such as the Copperbelt University, David Kaunda high and Libala secondary schools of Lusaka participated.
I watched some of the matches, which were largely amatuerish but they have so much potential.
I fact, I would suggest that the Zambia Rugby Football Union should consider tapping talent from higher learning institutions.
I also watched a team of cheer leaders, that punctuated the whole tournament with different performances of entertainment nature.
The cheer leaders looked naive but the also have a lot of room for improvemebt. They exhibited so much potential and they can make it to the top.
The University of Zambia carried the day after beating their Copperbelt University counterparts 45-5 tries.

Cheer leaders

An performcance by the cheer leaders from the Lusaka Rugby Club.

Cheer leaders entertain

Cheer leaders entertainment.

Cheer leaders

Some of the cheer leaders entertaining rugby fans.

Cheer leaders

Some cheer leaders 'hired' two boys to enhance their performance but that did not quite impress.

Cheer leaders

Cheer leaders performing in he rugby pitch.

Cheer leaders

Cheer leaders wind up their activity.

Student rugby