Wednesday, 30 July 2008


LIVINGSTONE has remained Zambia’s tourist capital. The district boasts an array of tourist attractions that include the Mighty Victoria Falls, traditional dances, natural heritage sites, wildlife and other awesome endowments.
I was on vacation recently and I visited Livingstone twice. This was during my resting period in which I was shedding off loads of fatique and the other visit was a working trip.
I visited the museum, the crocodile farm, the cultural village and lest I forget, the Chez Ntemba. They say if you visit Livingstone and you don’t go to the Victoria Falls, then you have not visited Zambia’s tourist capital-Livingstone. And I agree with the inventor of this saying.
While at the Victoria Falls, I slade down to the boiling point, which is about 650 metres. This where the water from the Victoria Falls turns into rapids. Some people like playing water rafting.
It was a tiresome trip down to the boiling point because climbing stairs 650 metres long is no joke at all. During the walk, I encountered many visitors who were almost giving up because of exhaution as we climbed up the hills back to the edges of the falls.
Zambia is indeed the real Africa!

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