Saturday, 3 January 2009


It is now certain that we all crossed into 2009. I was hesitant about writing this message before the New Year. I do not know why my instincts refused me to hit this keyboard and say this message.
Now that we are here, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you people who have made this website what it is. I am not going to mention anyone's name because the list is endless. I do not want to leave out anyone’s name because this has the potential to make those I may leave feel unappreciated.
I can say the list of people I can mention spurns from The United State of America, South America, across Africa, Asia, the United Kingdom, Russia, the middle and far east, Australia and the number of hits and support here is Zambia is quite gigantic. I am sure you will be able to agree with me when you click and look at the cluster maps located on the left hand side of the blog in red dots. It is true that the world has indeed become smaller!
2008 was a great in all aspects of human endeavor according to me. We may have had one or two challenges but this is life and we as human beings must stand up and face the reality.
On this blog, I received a lot of support, encouragement. I enjoyed reading the comments, contributions, compliments and complaints, especially when I delay my updates. I appreciate for all the criticism on me from those great observers. I have growm in my own right and this year will be another scene all together.
I have scores of e-mails from last year and I have, hitherto, not managed to respond to all of them because they number is overwhelming. I am still responding to all of them and I want to pay particular attention to each and every one of the e-mails and their specific requests.
What I would like to say is that let us continue building this place and making this blog a real platform for debate.
I salute all of you picture monger addicts (located in the left hand side of the blog), those who have not registered to follow this blog and indeed many others who continue to contribute in their status of anonymity. I also would like to welcome new visitors.
I want to end here because in one of the languages here in Zambia, they advise not to speak too much in the presence of the King because you may end up insulting him.
May the Lord bless you and all the best!

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contemporary-zambian said...

You should post more pictures instead of the one shot posts. I think the whole sets would capture.