Monday, 23 February 2009


Post newspaper owner Fred M'membe (left) trailed by legal counsel Sam Mujuda leaving the Lusaka High Court.

I have been following the Zambian Airways and Post newspaper-Dora Siliya drama or is it imbroglio from the fence and I followed these debates with an umatched interest and glee.
I leave every judgement. Today, I publish Lucky Dube's (MHSRIP) lyrics from a song called 'My Game.'
I want to pretend that it is Presidet Rupiah Banda talking to Post newspaper proprietor Fred Mmembe, who has a series of unprecedented attacks on Mr Banda.

So I see you' ve got a problem
Do you wanna take it outside
I' m not the fighting type
But go ahead make my day
You gonna fight me physically
I' m gonna fight you spiritually
I' m gonna fight you truthfully
If I tell the truth boy
You hate me for it
And if I tell you lies
You call me a good man
I' ve got news for you boy
Let me tell you this
Listen to me
This is my game
I' m gonna play it my way
You call yourself
The voice of the voiceless
But the only time you use your voice
Is when you criticise
What other people have done
We read in the Bible and
Understand what it says
They shall not judge yeah
But why do you do it Rasta
Call me a fake
Call me anything you wanna
Call me boy
But what I do is - Jah work
This is the people' s work boy
You want me to say
All the things that you believe in
I' m not your puppet
I' m not your puppet listen to me
I' ve got news for you

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