Tuesday, 19 January 2010


I have decided to bow to pressure from my followers and fans to come back on this platform.
I had vowed to only come back to blogging after completing my online profile, but my plans have been curtailed by follwers who want me to continue with this blog as I focus on the other project.
This is an intro that I am back.
2010 is an interesting year for me because we have the World Cup coming up in South Africa in June. But here in Zambia, it is a year when we expect to see the heightening of politics gymnastics because of presidential and parliamentary elections in 2011. We expect a lot of activities in these two events and there will be lots of pictures herein. The year 2009 was a very interesting and challenging year n all areas of human endeavor and these are too numerous to mention. The best celebration that I have is that we are all sound and alive.
These are some of the major evens and ctivities that we shall follow with glee on this blog. I expect to share some of the moments in pictures as I have always done.
All I ask from my follwers is to maintain levelheadedness as we discuss our topics. I am aware that we all come from different bckgrounds and all manners of affiliations and beliefs. Lets us respect each other's opinions as we comment on the debates since we are here to contribute to efforts on developing Zambia and the world at large.
Please take time to vote in the polls that would be contained herein and remember to sign in as a follwer so that we can grow in numbers and make this place a real platform for dialogue.
Best regards

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