Wednesday, 27 October 2010


LAST weekend, I took time off to experience the Lucky Dube memorial concert at Munda Wanga Botanical Gardens.
The show was a complete flop. And the music they played was not good for a rast man, to borrow words from the same man whose life they were celebrating. The band on stage was boring because all they tried to do was sing some Lucky Dube songs although they did not get anywhere near the standards. I remember that reggae revellers refused to turn up for the concert for various reasons we can only speculate. Chris Aka, the chief organiser was reported to be out of town. How can a gig succeed when the main man is A.W.O.L?
There was a lot of smoke and I know Lucky Dube never smoked or imbibed anything above zero percent. I asked the band to play on because that was all they could offer. However, enough was enough and I had to go back to my roots.
But my views are that the organisers must start planning for next year's show early and use the poor results from this year to get rid of matters that flopped the show.
But over and above, there was good photography that I did and it is my pleasure to share with you dears followers.

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