Tuesday, 24 June 2008


Dunamis Christian Centre and Trinity Broadcasting Corporation (TBN) Zambia chapter founder Rev Dan pule has dominated the local press once again.
This time around again, it is for some wrong reason, a marital problems! Well, someone had called it a sex related problem.
Dr Pule has been summoned to a police station in Lusaka to answer to charges related to bigamy.
He is alleged to have married a second wife before divorcing the previous woman, 27 year old Leah Mulemba.
Dr Pule 52, did not show up at Lusaka central police station on Monday but decided to talk to journalists at the TBN offices where he talked about his troubled marital life of late.
Dr Pule was initially married to an American Janet for 23 years before the couple divorced in 2007.
Dr Pule once said that his children with the American woman could never take up leadership positions such as the presidency in Zambia because of the foreign blood. Therefore, he was desirous to have children with an indigenous Zambian woman.
Well, shortly after, Dr Pule shocked the nation when he appeared in the local media during a colourful wedding ceremony with 26 year old leah.
He was suspended from the church but that marriage was reliquished shortly after. We are told Leah has a four month old baby and Dr Pule is said to be the father, although he has demanded for a DNA test.
Last weekend, Dr Pule held a private wedding where pictures were not allowed but he was shocked to find himself on the front page of a local tabloid. He was clad in a white suit marrying again! This caused him problems with the lawkeepers.
He was marrying 43 year old widow Tamara Mwape.
It seems Dr Pule and Tamara have been seeing each other for some time now because the preacher man was praying for Tamara's husband before his demise in hospital.
What has perplexed many people is that Dr Pule would impatiently ask Tamara if her husband has past on yet each time the couple communicated.
During the press conference, Dr Pule said this was his last marriage.


Cogari said...
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Anonymous said...

Dan Pule's first wife, Janet, is British not American. Check your facts Richie.

Anonymous said...

i agree the first wife was british not american. she lived in zambia with him, then america, then back home to britain