Tuesday, 10 June 2008


A group of albinos in Zambia have formed an association that would help them address issues affecting them.
The headquarters for the foundation are situated in the suburbs of Chilenje Township of Lusaka.
It is believed that albino and new kid on the musical block John Chiti is a mastermind of this development.
In Zambia, albinos experience harsh stigma. Some people say albinos dont die, they just disappear when the get older.
Some people refuse to mingle or interact with albinos becaue they say albinos are not human beings.
A particular instance is John Chiti himself, whose father disowned him at a very tender age.
John Chiti's father alleged that John was a curse to the family, hence the banishment from the family.
In Tanzania, albinos used to have whether factors such as the rays of the sun as their sole enemy. But now, the have new enemies-human beings.
The albinos are killed in Tanzania for ritual purposes.

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