Sunday, 28 September 2008


Acting President and MMD presidential candidate rupiah Banda filed his election nomination before Chief Justice Ernest Sakala last Friday.
There was so much jubilation and slogan chanting, where MMD members drawn from different parts of Lusaka converged at the Supreme Court to witness the ceremony.
The cadres danced, sung and displayed slogans in all forms and manner.
It was like business came to a stand still because no one could concentrate on their business because the attention was constantly attracted towards the political activities.
Mr Banda arrived at the Supreme Court around 10:00 hours in a Marcopolo B7 bus, which was clad in MMD material and posters of RB pasted on its sides and behind. The bus drove slowly and was driving at about 20 kilo metres per hour. Its was sucha majestic drive. Security was also tight as the guards kept vigil at the curious
Slogan chanting MMD members jostled in every direction to catch a glimpse of Mr When the B7 finally came to a halt, senior MMD members from the national executive committee trooped out.
But things reach a climax when RB emerged through the front exit and straight away pushed in a party slogan. The gathering went agog but soon he was whisked into the Supreme Court through a narrow aisle which was temporalily established to usher him in.
Inside the Supreme Court, Mr Banda went through the nomination formalities. The Chief Justice congratulated RB at the end of it all and he exited to address the crowd which was eager to listen to his voice.
That brief speech crowned everything before RB waved at the crowd. He disappeared into the Mercedez Benz car and the motorcade sped of.

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