Wednesday, 10 September 2008


I was thinking about the October 30 Presidential elections this year. I think that the opposition have just made history to repeat itself by way of dividing the vote and giving the MMD a sweeping victory.
In any case, the opposition factions are already fragmented and exhibiting characterisitcs of disunity among themselves.
Even the mere calls for the cancellation of the Presidential elections by some oppostion political parties such as United Liberal Party and All People's Congress Party (APC) are confirmations that Rupiah Banda may just sweep the votes.
I remember vividly how the oppostion during the 2006 tripartite elections managed to cause so much disillusion and confusion among themselves and ended up losing it all the the late Mwanawasa. They called each other names. They splashed mad on each other and did all sorts of character assasination.
I remember how some alliances were born and they crumbled so soon there after. Where is the United Democratic Alliance and the National Democratic Focus, for instance?
I have observed with glee how the opposition are bahaving especially with shifting goal posts resulting in the fragmentation we just discussed.
But it would also be foolhardy for the MMD to take these matters for granted and expect a sweeping victory.
It is hard to read the mood, especially of the Zambia voters who are sometimes easily swayed by certain stimulus such as sweet talk and even pub talk.


ABW said...

Richie, will it be of consolation to you that the same old script will be pulled out of that cupboard and a repeat of what your predicting will happen again? It happened in Kenya, the opposition is trying it in Tanzania and i would bet in many other African countries.

I will bet a million dollars Banda Rupiah is Zambia's next President. And if this doesnt happen, and the opposition manages to pull a fast one on Banda (which is highly unlikely the way things are going), then the new term in town, Grand Coalition Government, started in Kenya, soon to happen in Zimbabwe and other places, will be the 'working solution'. Best Bet: Banda wins, New Alliances are formed, Power games shift, and Zambians still struggle to battle corruption and social evils that bedevil almost any African country i know.

thepicturemonger said...

Lets watch the space and see who carries the day!

Wasombo said...

The thing of meeting the chiefs must be watched closely, it is not a myth that in the past brown envelopes were delivered to the chiefs, watch out for VJ’s hand in this campaign tactic. By the way ba mudala ba Sata is from Chitulika in Mpika, technically he is a subject of the mwine Lubemba and as such he is entitled to attend the Crocodile thing as a royal subject, no one would chase him as they did when he followed the moving coffin!