Thursday, 16 October 2008

BREAKING NEWS-Van ladden with presidential papers intercepted

I received a report last evening alleging that a van ladden with ballot papers destined for Kalabo in western province was intercepted at Lusaka international airport.
Muvi television, which broadcasts to Lusaka and sourrounding areas also showed clips of irate elections agents who discovered the ballots.
Some agents hinted they were tipped that some ballots were about to be transported to Kalabo.
The driver was questioned by elections agents but he expressed ignorance about the presence of the ballot papers.
I am told there was confusion at the disused former Zambia Airways hanger where the elections agents demanded an explanation from electoral commission of Zambia deputy Priscilla Isaacs.
I have gone to work on my pictures.
Watch this space because I have also gone to gather the truth about the ballots allegations.

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Peggy said...

Would love to see what you find out Richard.We really need a transparent election and free of violence.The Zambian people deserve it.

Thank you for all these blogs topic because they contain great subjects that touch our lives daily. HATS OFF 2 U.