Wednesday, 29 October 2008


I spend the last two weeks up-country on campaign trails. I have problems most of the times uploading stories and pictures to this website using my mobile internet because of technical reasons whose details I have sorted so far.
I am quite overwhelmed by the amount of work on my hands. I have great pictures and my biggest problem right now is how to select which ones to post because believe you me, all of them are great.
But I promise to do all that I can to get the story before the end of the of this polling day eve.
I am back in Lusaka and the atmosphere has been gripped by what I would call 'elections mania'.
I would like to salute all the followers to this website, who sent the comments, e-mails and other communication methods.
I was not able to respond to all of your request, but here, to make it up to you all.

Best regards


Peggy said...

Great to see you back.I have been patiently waiting to see and hear about the pre-election situation and how we are doing as a nation generally.

Take care.

Mercy said...

waiting for you pics and news over eections, hoping that all is calm. Mercy

Mercy said...

ok you are back, elections are done...but where are you?should we get worried?
P.S.: sorry for mistakes in 11/02 message