Monday, 24 November 2008


Ms Chifungula admiring the ACCA award.

ANNA Chifungula, Zambia's Auditor General has won the prestigious 2008 ACCA Achievement Award.
Ms Chifungula received the award on Thursday November 20, 2008 in the United Kingdom.
Presenting the award trophy to her workmates in Lusaka, Ms Chifungula said she was proud of the recognition because it showed they had been able to demonstrate professionalism.
Ms Chifungula dedicated the award to her office in order to boost morale for all employees to work harder.
"It is always good to win such awards on behalf of the office.
"I would not have been singled out by the ACCA as an outstanding individual witout your dedicated efforts. I am humbled by this recognition," she said.
She remained jovial, but articulate during the ceremony.
Ms Chifungula said her auditors worked under tough conditions but have remained objective, truthful, fair and in their quest to contribute transparency and accountability in Zambia's national development agenda.
"We now have a team of professional staff though there are only 68 qualified ACCA holders as compared to the number when I joined this office," she said.
The winners of this year's ACCA Achievement Awards were announced at ACCA's annual International Assembly dinner which took place in London on Thursday 20 November, 2008.
The awards, which recognise individuals who have made a contribution to the development of the global accountancy profession, were presented by ACCA's president, Richard Aitken-Davies and vice-chairman of PricewaterhouseCoopers, Sir John Stuttard.

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