Saturday, 15 November 2008


Vice president George Kunda has thanked President Rupiah Banda for appointing him into that position.
Mr Kunda said in an interview at his ministry of Justice office in Lusaka that he expected the appointment because he was among the longest serving and most experienced ministers in the MMD government.
The vice president assured Mr Banda he would assist him realise HIS dream of developing Zambia.
Mr Kunda, who was flanked by his deputy minister of Justice Todd Chilembo said the government was planning a new anti-graft strategy where the current bluepritn would be revised with th view of making it more effective.
"We will talk with our co-operaing partners on this matter and see the way forward," he said.
Mr Kunda said he would not fail to work as both vice president and minister of justice.
Mr Kunda said he once worked as both minister of Justice and attorney general.
On his role as vice president, Mr Kunda said he would continue the plans left by his predecessor Rupiah Banda now President.
He said there are effective plans and programmes that are addressing matters relating to disasters and other emergencies in Zambia.
In the area of governance, Mr Kunda he would help Mr Banda put in a place a new constitution by 2009.
Mr Kunda said he has confidence in the people of Zambia to allow him contribute to the development efforts currently being unfolded.

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