Monday, 27 June 2011


TODAY, Zambia puts to rest one of its greatest men.

Zambia Army pallbearers are led by a candid portrait of Dr Chiluba for body viewing in Lusaka.Dr Frederick Jacob Titus Chiluba has died a happy man because of the changes he brought on the face of our land.
Some people say he has died in controversy, but I do not want to agree with them because some situations are man made. In any case, I would rather ignore the man's weak points and look for opportunities in what he did best and with all his heart and energy.
Some people who are at the helm of criticising Dr Chiluba ate with him from the same plate. They claimed to be his friends. and they are actually benefitting from the very things that he fought to introduce to Zambia.
If your are in Zambia, just turn, look around and tell me whether what you are seeing cannot be attributed to the late man.
Therefore, my thought is that we should accept Dr Chiluba as a great man who was fearless. He did the unimaginable in his own right.

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Thanks for sharing your photos. Much appreciated ! God bless !!