Wednesday, 25 January 2017


The Integrating Gender in nutrition and Agriculture Extensions Services (INGENEAS) Symposium has closed in Lusaka after three days of deliberations.
The symposium which opened in Lusaka on Monday, January 23, 2016 drew participants from various regions of the world including the USA, Europe and many African destinations. Former Agriculture Minister of Zambia chance Kabaghe closed the event with a call for serious investment in extensions services as well as serious integration of gender issues in agriculture, nutrition and extensions services.
According to Kabaghe, issues of gender and extensions services in Zambia are not critical issues, hence the lukewarm service delivery that currently characterises the system.
The symposium was exploring ways in which matters of gender can be infused in agriculture extension services with the view of bridging the parities that obstruct the participation of women in the services identified.

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