Wednesday, 25 January 2017

PROFIT+ Supports Agric Led Growth

Market systems development approach in Zambia supports agriculture led growth for small scale farmers.
Production, finance and improved technology plus (PROFIT+), a $24 million USAID project supports farmers to increase production and reduce poverty.
Under this initiative, opportunities for farmers in agri-businesses are created to increase productivity and access high value markets, which at the same time allowing private sector investment in specific value chain.
Focusing on improved smallholder productivity, greater access to markets, trade and increased private sector investment, PROFIT+ is fostering economic growth, especially for women.
The project leverages private sector participation that sustains value chain competitiveness and creates economic growth.
“The project engages private sector partners to supply value chain solutions and out-grower schemes that emphasizes permanent transfer of knowledge, information and resources to rural areas,” Ivy Manyuka, PROFIT+ Gender Focus person.
Harmonizing profit driven private sector interest and that of small holder farmers was raised as a concern but the two square off using extension service models not to manipulate the small scale farmers.

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