Tuesday, 8 August 2017


Meet Pumulo Makokwa, a 23-year old youth activist from Kataba area, one of the marginalized wards in Nalolo constituency of Western province.
Pumulo has done professional training in primary teaching and is awaiting deployment by the authorities. For the past months, Pumulo has been mobilizing fellow youths in Kataba ward to participate in development processes that are going on. She got inspired to become an activist after attending a training at the Global Platform Zambia, where she acquired knowledge about local citizen rights, skills and attitudes to fight poverty and injustice and to challenge decision makers and duty bearers.
After the training, Pumulo undertook positive action to contribute to development, especially for young people in her community. With this new attitude change, Pumulo is determined to impart fellow youths with knowledge, skills and attitude to be active citizens through the organisation she co-founded, called Kataba Youth Club.
In addition, the Global Platform innovative training and capacity development unleashed Pumulo’s potential to pursue social change. According to Pumulo, social change is possible when young people amalgamate their efforts and create local activities.
Pumulo hopes that young people in Kataba area could unite and become champions and activists for empowerment. She dreams of a space for youth activism and volunteer programmes where all citizens can work together to bring about social change. 

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