Sunday, 31 August 2008



CHANDA said...

I thought they would have shown the body just live on TV,Have the late president burried immediately .I dont think that was the BEST thing to do.MERRY GO ROUND,WITH A BODY.REMEMBER DIANAS FUNERAL.DODI WAS BURRIED THE SAME DAY

It is in the constitution?I mean to do that_....NEED TO BE AMENDED IMEDIATELY.... BA LEVY REST IN PEACE.

thepicturemonger said...

There was a cabinet decision that made the body of Dr Mwanawasa to be taken to the provincial centres. Some people were against that but the government said they wanted to give an opportunity to people in the other areas to pay their last tributes to the late President. This was not a constitutional requirement and it is not enshrined anywhere therein.
Best regards

Ngoi said...

Ba Chanda, I respect your comment with sincerity but I think much as it was so involving and tiresome to carry our late president's body around, it was worthwhile because this loss was not just for Maureen and her family, Dr Mwanawasa was a father of this nation and it was only fair that at least every province had a last glimpse at its fallen Spartan warrior. We always remember you Dr Levy and as Zambians we say: "Free men we stand "
1 Love,
Ngoi Kalamatila

Anonymous said...

I almost jumped out of my seat! He bears no close resemblance to what i had expected.