Sunday, 10 August 2008


Fires have again prove to all Zambians and the world over that they are beyond control of the Lusaka City Council department.

This weekend, a raging fire swept through the laundry department of the University Teaching Hospital, Zambia's largest hospital, turning to ashes all the linen and expensive machines therein.
It was alleged that the fire was started by an eployee who was burning litter at an undesignated point before it crossed the walls to catch the linen worth millions of kwacha.
I do not know whether it is true or not but we were told that the firemen were not called on time to stop the inferno.
The firemen said they were called about 90 minutes after the fire started. This was the reason why the laundry department could not be saved.
Health minister Brian Chituwo who was at the scene said the authorities would have to forego some financial plans to accommodate the delapidation because the hospital cannot operate without the laundry section.
I was just disgusted by a spokesperson from the Lusaka City Council Henry Kapata who seemed quite overzealous and used English words that I wold not utter especially on camera.
"The UTH employees did not inform us on time about the fire and when we went there, we just found the chaps loitering around the place with walkie tokies... Walkie tokies for what? Some things Mr Kapata said can not be accommodated here because I feel they are obscene.
But I would like to advise him to exhibit characteristics expected of a public relations practitioner instead of overzealousness, using unpalatable language and speaking before thinking, which would not take us anywhere. There are pressing issues the Lusaka City Council is grappling to address and Mr kapata must rise to the occassion and tell this city of Lusaka what has been done.
I have also observed with glee that some news outlets in Lusaka have made it a habit, well I d not know whether it is a habit or a MUST DO not to miss Mr Kapata in their bulletins.

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