Wednesday, 3 September 2008


Former First Lady Maureen Mwanawasa breaks down into tears when Dr Mwanawasa's coffin was being lowered into the tomb. It was the first time many people saw her weeping openly in public like that since the funeral.
Here, gender minister Patricia Mulasikwanda is comforting Mrs Mwanawasa.


the godfather said...
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the godfather said...

Poor woman. My heart goes out to her. She had to break down somewhere along the way. However tough you are, when you loose a spouse, its not a simple as poeple might want her to act! You just crumble somewhere along the way! Pole sana mama Maureen. Even God runs to the aid of the widow, the bereaved. Only God know her pain and anguish.... Be strong Mama. May the Almighty strengthen you and your children to go through this ordeal!

Anonymous said...

Maureen shedding crocodile tears. She knew he was sick but pushed him to continue working bcoz she wanted to enjoy the trappings of being first lady. Totally ruthless and uncaring she will pay the price one day.