Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Robert Gabriel Mugabe

Defence minister George Mpombo ushers Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe. This man arrived amid 'tight' security and some of his body guards seemed to be overzealous and exaggerated the security situation.
They pushed reporters, photographers, protocol officers, ministers, Zambian police officers and anything object that looked in Magabe's direction.
I told one of them that Zambia is a sovereign state and the leadership allows a free press to operate, virtues, which he late Mwanawasa encouraged. Therefore, it was useless and futile for the Zimbabweans to come with their Mugabe and disturb the peace!


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A Beautiful Mind (Greenwich) said...


He looks like the alien son of Captain Cook (from Star Trek) who happenend to be thrown overboard from the infamous space-craft and had his forehead pushed back upon re-entry into earth's atmosphere!Lets just say his body was barbecued upon landing in Zambia